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  • In conjunction with Citizens Bank and Bernero & Press, DOAR is pleased to host a breakfast to consider the issues of diversity and inclusion in law and legal services. In facilitating a gathering of senior legal leadership across the full spectrum of sector participants, we seek to foster and promote a sharing of practical thought leadership and helpful networking.

    Attendees will include senior management of law firms and corporations, and other industry participants – coming together in a format designed to encourage idea generation and problem-solving through relaxed dialogue...

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  • erging In Corporate Legal Ops Function

    True Value Emerging In Corporate Legal Ops.

    Who’s in charge of buying legal services and what experience can they call on? And why does it matter more now than ever before?

    These days, many corporate organizations are starting to share their experiences and tap into a new breed of Legal Ops. professional to help them – tasked with identifying value, expertise and efficiency. Add to that the plethora of data sources that are in or coming onto the market in regards to legal spend and the buy-side is in...

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  • Picture the powerful racing car making a sharp hairpin bend but the driver takes his or her foot off the gas. It’s not pretty. The good driver knows his or her line before the corner and drives through it – at high speed but in total control. Keeping the pedal down through the curve brings traction and a focus in how the car handles an otherwise difficult situation.

    Recent survey data indicates no shortage of major litigation matters and indeed a likely uptick in class action suits. That’s not...

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