Emma Shuck

Emma Shuck is a Consultant in DOAR’s trial consulting practice. She acts as the liaison between DOAR’s clients and our graphic artists to bring conceptual ideas to life. She absorbs the case materials of high-profile litigation and works closely with trial lawyers to develop analytical graphics that simplify and communicate complex case themes to educate and persuade triers-of-fact.

Emma has over five years of information design experience working in corporate communications for many well-known firms. Since joining DOAR, she has consulted trial teams on a number of high profile trials, including several white collar criminal defense matters involving allegations of insider trading. She has also has developed robust, engaging presentations in support of focus groups and mock trials.

She is incredibly passionate about using visuals as a means of communicating information and strives to continuously challenge herself to think differently about how to illustrate complex concepts in an innovative way.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism (magna cum laude) and a minor in English from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. In addition, she has completed graduate-level course work at Harvard University in creative writing.