Peter Fitzgerald

Peter Fitzgerald is a Consultant in DOAR’s trial consulting group, specializing in developing and executing effective presentations to assist our clients with their legal strategies during litigation proceedings. He works with trial teams on the planning, organization, and presentation of electronic evidence and demonstratives; manages the set-up and coordination of courtroom technology; and facilitates the creation of analytic visual aids.

Peter brings to DOAR more than 15 years of experience in trial presentation consulting and services. He has consulted on a variety of litigation matters involving employment discrimination, contract disputes, product liability, antitrust, securities, and white collar criminal defense. His expertise in developing effective case and presentation strategies has made him one of the most sought-after trial consultants in the industry.

Prior to DOAR, Peter was a Director of Trial Services at a prominent national court reporting and litigation support company where he managed the consulting staff and developed strategic plans to address business development needs.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts in marketing and business administration from Northeastern University.