Shueanna Harrinandan

Shueanna Harrinandan is an Associate at DOAR. She provides research and marketing support to DOAR’s clients by identifying and advising them on the retention of top industry professionals and academic experts who can provide the knowledge needed to secure a victory at trial.

Shueanna focuses on legal research and strategy, as well as client and expert management. In addition, she helps to recruit top DOAR affiliate experts who will be marketed to clients for future retention. Shueanna is incredibly passionate about improving marketing strategies used by the Expert Witness Consulting team and creating lasting relationships with our experts.

Prior to joining DOAR, Shueanna worked as a Supervisor in the retail industry, while pursuing her MBA. She was hired in March 2018 as the Experts Witness team’s Operations Administrator before being promoted to an Associate at DOAR.

Shueanna received her Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies from St. John’s University. She is currently admitted to the Class of 2019 MBA with a concentration in marketing at Monroe College.