Staci Boyarsky
Affiliate Manager

Staci Boyarsky is the Affiliate Manager at DOAR. In this role, her primary focus is to identify, recruit and manage experts that are strategically important to DOAR’s growth in defined practice areas such as Intellectual Property, Employment, Healthcare and Financial Services litigation. She is responsible for developing and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with Affiliates who are members of our Litigation Teams that specialize in topics such as Opioids, Wireless Communications, Automotive Technology, ERISA, Student Loan Servicing, Solar Energy and ADAS, among others.

In addition, she plays a lead role in the continuing education of our affiliates on how our Trial Consulting practice can be of value to both them and their clients. This includes witness preparation for depositions and court testimony, assistance with report preparation, and the development of animations and demonstratives.

Prior to DOAR, Staci held various positions at Meridian Global Services, a global tax consulting and recovery company headquartered in Ireland. She was key to the company’s expansion into the United States and was involved in every aspect of the business, eventually taking on the role of Senior Vice President, Client Services.

Staci holds a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Massachusetts.