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  • When you want to know what people think, why not just ask them?  Seems simple, right?  It would be, if it worked.

    In April, psychiatrist Robert Spitzer retracted his study in which he had alleged that homosexuals could convert to heterosexuals.   He stated that he had erred in relying on supposedly converted people’s self-reported stories of their conversions without taking into account of a myriad of conscious and unconscious reasons (such as desire to convert, political reasons, faulty memory of...

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  • In this age of Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messaging, jurors are better “plugged-in” to each other and the world than ever before. But are they really more concerned with each other and the social world around them? New research suggests that, despite our newfound tools for staying connected with others, Americans are actually becoming more self-centered, more narcissistic, less civically engaged, and less interested in effecting change.

    These trends were foretold by Harvard professor Robert Putnam in his 1995 essay, Bowling Alone: America’s...

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  • In a victory for broadcasters and for those of us who value the protection afforded under the first amendment, the Supreme Court threw out cases and related sanctions brought by the Federal Communications Commission against networks that aired fleeting profanity and nudity.  Justice Anthony Kennedy, in an 18-page opinion, said the FCC “failed to give fair notice prior to the broadcasts in question that fleeting expletives and momentary nudity could be found actionably indecent.”  The FCC’s crackdown began in...

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  • There has been much attention in recent years to jurors’ use of the Internet to provide or obtain information about cases for which they have been selected.  We have all seen reports of mistrials because a juror posted about a case on Facebook, searched an unfamiliar term and shared with fellow jurors a definition not sanctioned by the Court, or learned information about a party that had been ruled  inadmissible.

    We have heard much less, though, about the flip side of the coin: attorneys’ use...

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