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  • Defendants deserve the right to be seen as more than the accusations against them.

    Early on May 1, 2012:  Before the attacks of September 11, 2001, many Americans may have been willing to agree that one person’s terrorist was another person’s freedom fighter.  Certainly, I remember being moved by the politics and the philosophy of the Irish Republican Army members accused of gun running during one of the first cases I worked on as a trial strategy consultant in the early 1980’s.  They spoke of similarities between the restrictive ways in which the British treated the Irish and the ways they...

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  • GavelBalance

    Read the original post on Baker Hostetler’s Class Action Lawsuit Defense blog.

    As class certification hearings in labor and employment cases and other types of class action litigation have become more like mini-trials in the wake of recent case law, strategies that used to be applied at the jury trial phase have moved to the class certification stage.  Both the plaintiff and defense sides of class action cases are approaching class certification hearings as if they were short, compact trials...

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  • For the first time, DOAR conducted a client-free mock trial.

    We told our 23 mock jurors that they had participated in something historic and it was true.  For the first time, DOAR conducted a client-free mock trial.   Given our experience in intellectual property and patent disputes, we invented a patent case pertaining to a hypothetical time-release insulin product.  The inventors were university-based researchers.  The patent’s ownership had been transferred to a patent holding company, SBN, in exchange for future royalties derived from licensing agreements.  The accused infringer, Haldon Pharmaceuticals, made and sold a product called Insulex...

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  • We are reminded that technology notwithstanding, humans are still fundamentally social beings.

    We often hear social scientists – professional and amateur – suggest that today’s society of computer-addicted, gaming, texting, plugged-in citizens is more isolated and less social than our less technological and presumably more conversational predecessors.  We hear about the lost art of conversation, and bemoan new skills deficits in interpersonal communication. Some of us have even worried about how this new inward focus might affect jury dynamics, where verbal communication is at the heart of effective deliberations.  I have been reassured, though, time and time again, as...

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