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  • There has been much attention in recent years to jurors’ use of the Internet to provide or obtain information about cases for which they have been selected.  We have all seen reports of mistrials because a juror posted about a case on Facebook, searched an unfamiliar term and shared with fellow jurors a definition not sanctioned by the Court, or learned information about a party that had been ruled  inadmissible.

    We have heard much less, though, about the flip side of the coin: attorneys’ use...

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  • “This case appears to be the end of a marriage,” said Santa Clara Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg, before the start of the Hewlett Packard v. Oracle bench trial.  With that statement, we can see the narrative context within which he will interpret some relatively vague contract language to decide whether there is a viable contract that binds the two parties.  Given the acrimony and emotional furor throughout the case, it seems apt.

    Judges may be fine legal scholars, but they are humans first and...

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  • Here at the OpenDOAR blog, we are hardcore strategy fans, and not just when it comes to trial strategy.  We are game theorists who especially love extreme strategy, by which we mean strategies that are so ambitious and outside of the norm that they change the very game they are in.

    Today we have an example for you from far outside the world of trial strategy.  In Great Britain, there is a game show called “Golden Balls” in which contestants engage in a variation of...

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  • DOAR congratulates William Savitt and the entire trial team at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz on their excellent work and well-deserved win on behalf of their client, Vulcan Materials. DOAR supported the victory in another closely watched M&A-related trial in the Delaware Court of Chancery. The case, in which certain confidential materials intended for use during an initial friendly exchange were then misused when Marietta pursued a hostile takeover, was one that had not been seen before in Delaware or anywhere else in the United States.  Martin Marietta and...

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