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  • We are reminded that technology notwithstanding, humans are still fundamentally social beings.

    We often hear social scientists – professional and amateur – suggest that today’s society of computer-addicted, gaming, texting, plugged-in citizens is more isolated and less social than our less technological and presumably more conversational predecessors.  We hear about the lost art of conversation, and bemoan new skills deficits in interpersonal communication. Some of us have even worried about how this new inward focus might affect jury dynamics, where verbal communication is at the heart of effective deliberations.  I have been reassured, though, time and time again, as...

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  • Twitter gambles on a patent plan.

    When I first heard about Twitter’s newly proposed patent plan, a few questions came to mind: Who would give up the chance to make significant profit from the creative minds of its employees?  What is Twitter thinking? Do they want to just give up the kind of money that puts startups on the map? What about keeping the company focused on innovation and development and limiting the risk of costly, extensive, patent litigation?

    Last Friday, it was reported that Twitter...

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  • Far from turning down the emotional aspects of the case, the Edwards defense team has decided to amplify them.

    Jurors in the John Edwards trial may have expected to be inundated with testimony about betrayal and disappointment, but they could hardly have predicted that they would be immersed in a love-drenched soap opera.  Here, for instance, is a transcript of a voicemail from John Edwards  to his campaign aide, Andrew Young, that was entered into evidence during Mr. Young’s testimony “I just wanted you to hear that and to once again to tell you I love you… uhh, I really love you Andrew.”  Mr. Young was...

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  • SocialMediaSized2

    The cross-linking of trials and the Internet has been a topic of growing concern for some time.  Not until now, though, have we seen a defense attorney in an upcoming case rev up social media conversations by being the first to speak.  In what appears to be an unprecedented move, Mark O’Mara, attorney for George Zimmerman, the Florida Neighborhood Watch volunteer accused in the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, has begun to post his opinions.  Surely, he intends to lure others into responding and revealing...

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