DOAR Affiliates
Connecting the world’s best experts
with the world’s best lawyers
Excellence Above All

DOAR routinely advises lawyers and their clients involved in high profile, complex, bet-the-company legal disputes all over the world. These cases demand only the best of the best – the best lawyers, the best consultants and the best experts.

The DOAR Affiliate program combines DOAR’s consultants and experts in litigation strategy with subject matter experts in various fields to best support our clients’ needs. Our Affiliates are the top professionals in their respective fields and share the same values that DOAR has promoted for over 26 years – Excellence, Commitment, Passion and Innovation. Affiliates include academics, lawyers, business leaders and testifying experts ranging from sole practitioners to senior members of multi-billion dollar companies.

Affiliate Benefits
Having the perfect team available at a moment's notice is the differentiating factor in being able to provide unparalleled service.
Access to DOAR’s clients involved in significant legal disputes all over the world
Promotion through DOAR’s website and sales and marketing efforts
Expert Screener report of your testimonial history
Collaboration with DOAR’s experts and Affiliates
Involvement in thought leadership initiatives
Billing and back office support provided by DOAR
Our Affiliates

While our Affiliates have very diverse backgrounds that allow us to support our clients in legal disputes of varying types, we are most often involved in cases in the following practice areas:

Securities Litigation/
Financial Products

White Collar Criminal Defense



International Arbitration & Sovereign State Litigation




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