Automotive Technology

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle communication, and other complex technologies have ignited a race for patent dominance in the automotive industry. New technology companies are emerging and helping to shape the automotive market with capabilities that include autonomous driving, electric motors, and Wi-Fi and internet connectivity.

With extensive experience consulting on patent matters, DOAR understands the target-rich environment created and a company’s need to defend or expand their stake in the market.

Our Automotive Technology expert team has a deep understanding of all aspects of automotive engineering and design.

Our Expertise

  • ADAS – hardware, software, sensors, communication protocols
  • Engine and mechanical components
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Human-machine design
  • Panel/interior design
  • Failure analysis

Our Consulting Services

Our expert teams are comprised of M.S. and Ph.D. educated engineers who have a comprehensive understanding of engineering concepts and processes. Litigators can work one-on-one with our consultants and testifying experts and leverage our skilled analysts to conduct the technical research and analysis.

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