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  • In conjunction with Citizens Bank and Bernero & Press, DOAR is pleased to host a breakfast to consider the issues of diversity and inclusion in law and legal services. In facilitating a gathering of senior legal leadership across the full spectrum of sector participants, we seek to foster and promote a sharing of practical thought leadership and helpful networking.

    Attendees will include senior management of law firms and corporations, and other industry participants – coming together in a format designed to encourage idea generation and problem-solving through relaxed dialogue...

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  • Litigating New Multi-Trillion Dollar Risks in Mortgage-Backed Securities

    Watch experts DOAR and Substantia in weighing the issues and litigation considerations arising from new research into documentary delivery lapses in this Mortgage-Backed Securities Webinar.

    How big is the problem? Who is impacted? What are the implications? What lessons have been learned from prior RMBS litigation in how to engage jurors? What are some of the jury characteristics we might expect to see in this sector? What are the considerations in presenting such a case? How do juries respond to these sorts of cases? Are there any lessons...

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  • Product Liability Scorecard

    Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies find themselves in the crosshairs for major matter “bet-the-farm” litigation and recent research tends to suggest that such large-scale litigation is going to increase. In order to best advise our clients as they respond to this shifting landscape, DOAR conducted empirical research designed to identify the key factors that contribute to jurors’ perceptions of product liability and defending companies, and how juror attitudes can be altered. What may be surprising is the vigor and specificity in feedback offered by individuals – as customers and...

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  • Corporate Litigation Symposium Header

    We are pleased to announce that we will host our first Corporate Litigation Symposium on November 17, 18 and 19. We invite you to participate in this 3-part virtual event encompassing expert sessions on witness preparation strategy, effectively presenting Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) cases, and Internet-based research of jurors during jury selection. A registration link is provided below for each session and you’ll receive your confirmation and dial-in information upon registration:

    November 17 (12:00pm ET): “Center Out” – We will discuss the importance of witness testimony to trial...

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