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  • Corporate Litigation Symposium Header

    We are pleased to announce that we will host our first Corporate Litigation Symposium on November 17, 18 and 19. We invite you to participate in this 3-part virtual event encompassing expert sessions on witness preparation strategy, effectively presenting Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) cases, and Internet-based research of jurors during jury selection. A registration link is provided below for each session and you’ll receive your confirmation and dial-in information upon registration:

    November 17 (12:00pm ET): “Center Out” – We will discuss the importance of witness testimony to trial...

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  • Litigating New Multi-Trillion Dollar Risks in Mortgage-Backed Securities

    Litigating New Multi-Trillion Dollar Risks in Mortgage-Backed Securities

    Extrapolating, Communicating and Litigating MBS Investor Risks Caused by Document Delivery Violations

    A DOAR Webinar

    Date: November 18, 2015 Time: 2:00pm ET

    Register online today.

    Join experts DOAR and Substantia in weighing the issues and litigation considerations arising from new research into documentary delivery lapses in mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

    Far from over, the questions raised by this ground-breaking analysis suggest that the potential litigation extends into the trillions.

    Indeed, with so much at stake, what...

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  • erging In Corporate Legal Ops Function

    True Value Emerging In Corporate Legal Ops.

    Who’s in charge of buying legal services and what experience can they call on? And why does it matter more now than ever before?

    These days, many corporate organizations are starting to share their experiences and tap into a new breed of Legal Ops. professional to help them – tasked with identifying value, expertise and efficiency. Add to that the plethora of data sources that are in or coming onto the market in regards to legal spend and the buy-side is in...

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  • In light of the recent Supreme Court’s refusal to consider the Newman insider trading decision, DOAR reflects on the evolution of public perception toward financial institutions since its 2013 research study was published.

    The Headlines:

    Anger toward financial institutions has led to widespread views of a corrupt financial system Allegations of corporate wrongdoing in other sectors (such as the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal) will increase the public’s belief that there is widespread corruption in the financial sector  A generally grim view of the financial sector persists Widespread belief...

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