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  • Expert testimony at trial presents unique challenges to both the expert and the examining attorney. The expert is tasked with teaching complex material to a group of “students” with widely varying levels of education, comprehension, pertinent experience and yes, interest. The students give no feedback, the consequences of a teaching mistake can be significant, and there are people waiting for the opportunity to attack at the first sign of weakness.

    The attorney’s job is to help the expert overcome and thrive in these challenges. It is no small task...

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  • Assessing an Expert's Suitability

    We call them striped unicorns — that ideal expert for a given case, a respected, unimpeachable authority with exceptional communication skills and an unflappable demeanor. It can be difficult to differentiate the ideal from the not-quite-right when legal teams are under the gun to find an expert, but there is a methodology for ensuring their suitability.

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  • Evan Lieberman, J.D.

    New York, March 21, 2018 — DOAR, Inc., a legal consulting and testifying expert company, announced that Evan Lieberman, J.D. rejoined DOAR as a Managing Director in the company’s New York office.  Mr. Lieberman will consult with lawyers and their clients on expert witness and trial strategy needs in large, complex legal matters.  As a lawyer and seasoned litigation consultant, he will advise DOAR’s clients regarding the best people and strategies to help advance their cases toward settlement or trial.

    Mr. Lieberman most recently worked for a prominent investigations...

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  • Hon Shira Scheindlin Joins DOAR As An Expert Affiliate

    NEW YORK, March 14, 2018 – DOAR, Inc., a legal consulting and testifying expert company, welcomed The Honorable Shira Scheindlin, a distinguished former federal judge, as a DOAR Affiliate.  Judge Scheindlin will provide DOAR and its clients with valuable, strategic insights based on decades of presiding over significant criminal and civil cases in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.  She joins an extensive network of DOAR affiliates that includes many of the world’s leading legal consulting and testifying experts across a wide range of...

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