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  • Join us as we discuss how to address the growing threat of rogue insiders to hedge funds and private equity firms. In an era of rapidly advancing information technology, the threat of asset theft or misappropriation through cloud-based and other technologies is now ever present. Critical assets such investment strategies, investors, employees, performance metrics, algorithms, and the ultimate survival of the company are at risk. Our panel of experts will discuss the current business environment and the steps companies can take to prevent, mitigate and respond to critical asset theft...

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  • Paul Bernardini Vice President Expert Witness Consulting

    NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Paul Bernardini, one of the nation’s leading legal industry experts, will now head the company’s Expert Witness Consulting (EWC) business. Paul was previously Vice President of Sales & Marketing and responsible for much of the growth of the EWC business at DOAR. His new role as Vice President of Expert Witness Consulting reflects the company’s increased commitment to being a leader in the expert witness industry as it has been in the trial consulting industry for decades.

    Paul is a lawyer having received...

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