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  • Product Liability Scorecard

    Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies find themselves in the crosshairs for major matter “bet-the-farm” litigation and recent research tends to suggest that such large-scale litigation is going to increase. In order to best advise our clients as they respond to this shifting landscape, DOAR conducted empirical research designed to identify the key factors that contribute to jurors’ perceptions of product liability and defending companies, and how juror attitudes can be altered. What may be surprising is the vigor and specificity in feedback offered by individuals – as customers and...

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  • DOAR Study Addresses Heightened Scrutiny of Pharmaceutical Industry

    As negative perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry abound as highlighted in  DOAR’s national survey, price gouging takes center stage in the news – see Reuters article as an example.  Now more than ever, pharmaceutical companies need to consider how to change public perception and reduce the risks to their image and their bottom line.  This requires a holistic corporate strategy from the boardroom to the courtroom that includes public relations, marketing, branding and legal.  Our study highlights the hostility the...

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  • Measuring Litigation Risk to Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies

    A National Study by DOAR

    DOAR measured attitudes toward the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in jury-eligible individuals across the U.S.  We explored their opinions on issues commonly faced during products liability disputes, including the role of the government, product labeling, marketing programs and the off label use of drugs and devices.

    Learn about the risks facing companies involved in products liability litigation and DOAR’s recommendations for how best to mitigate those risks by addressing jurors’...

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  • We told our 23 mock jurors that they had participated in something historic and it was true.  For the first time, DOAR conducted a client-free mock trial.   Given our experience in intellectual property and patent disputes, we invented a patent case pertaining to a hypothetical time-release insulin product.  The inventors were university-based researchers.  The patent’s ownership had been transferred to a patent holding company, SBN, in exchange for future royalties derived from licensing agreements.  The accused infringer, Haldon Pharmaceuticals, made and sold a product called Insulex...

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