Top Attributes Of A Great Expert Witness

If a matter goes all the way to trial, the chosen expert must demonstrate the ability to engage effectively on some level with four key audiences: the legal team, the judge, the opposing expert and, of course, the potential jury.

The expert must be diligent, communicative, and hopefully pleasant with respect to working beside the legal team. Further, he or she must be able to demonstrate adequate expertise to the judge and be able to speak to or respond to the opposing expert’s opinion on a peer-to-peer level.

Finally, and perhaps the hallmark of a good expert, is the ability to communicate complex ideas in a manner simple enough to aid the understanding of the average juror. While every expert will have strengths and weaknesses with respect to the numerous communication styles required of him or her, thorough and proper vetting of an expert can enable attorneys to avoid certain difficulties with their experts, and be prepared if they arise.

Top Attributes Of A Great Expert Witness

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