Did You Know
Your Academic Expert May
Be A Horrible Communicator?

When considering an academic expert, inquire whether they have taught the subject matter in undergraduate or graduate courses.  With respect to their publication record, inquire if they have published or peer-reviewed articles on the specific subject matter involved in your case and whether any of those articles targeted a general, non-technical audience.

Academics with excellent subject matter expertise that only publish in professional journals and whom only teach graduate classes, if any at all, may need additional assistance to strengthen their ability to explain the subject matter to laypersons.

Importantly, what some academics gain through teaching experience cannot be separated from their precise experience or depth of knowledge on a given subject matter.  In cases where the technology at issue is highly discrete, an academic with a broad teaching background may have only a superficial or theoretical understanding of the subject matter at issue.  Thus, attorneys must frequently decide between heavily decorated academics and other types of experts.

Your Academic Expert May Be A Horrible Communicator

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