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  • Questioning Jurors_Blog

    We, The Jury, Would Like to Know…

    “When and why did your relationship with Ms. Pao change?” – Pao v. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers LLC., No. CGC-12-520719

    “Why did you put Alexander’s camera in the washing machine after you killed him?” – The State of Arizona v. Jodi Ann Arias., No. CR 2008-031021-001

    “Did you ever seek help for your mental condition?” – The State of Arizona v. Jodi Ann Arias., No. CR 2008-031021-001 “Was a bullet chamber in the Glock handgun...

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  • The Science of Jury Selection_blog

    The results of a study by Reprieve Australia, highlighted in a recent article in the New York Times entitled Exclusion of Blacks From Juries Raises Renewed Scrutiny, found that potential jurors in Caddo Parish, LA who were African American were struck three times more than their non-African American counterparts.  Of course, this finding has created quite a stir. Lawsuits against the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office are being threatened. Non race-based justifications for the statistical differences are being offered. Regardless of one’s position on the findings of...

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  • PLMDM_blog

    Measuring Litigation Risk to Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies

    A National Study by DOAR

    DOAR measured attitudes toward the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in jury-eligible individuals across the U.S.  We explored their opinions on issues commonly faced during products liability disputes, including the role of the government, product labeling, marketing programs and the off label use of drugs and devices.

    Learn about the risks facing companies involved in products liability litigation and DOAR’s recommendations for how best to mitigate those risks by addressing jurors’...

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  • courtroom_blog

    By John G. McCabe, Ph.D.

    The courtroom is a battlefield, or so it is thought. Warriors representing opposing sides fight it out in the trenches launching their arguments against their opponents in hopes of beating back the enemy and securing victory for their side. It is war. Win at all costs.

    The lawyer as warrior metaphor is pervasive (see Kanazawa, S. K. & McCabe, J. G. February, 2015 “Reversing Stampedes: How minorities change majorities.” For the Defense, Vol. 57, 2, 10-17). Until recently, with very few exceptions,...

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