Jurors come into a case with their own employment experiences and expectations. We help counsel address the biases that can emerge.

Jurors come into a case with their own employment experiences and expectations—we help counsel address the biases that can emerge.

Employment cases pose particular challenges for counsel. For better or for worse, jurors come into a case with their own employment experiences and expectations about how both employees and employers will behave. Jury research can identify these experiences and expectations and help counsel address them. And, employers’ good faith actions can be demonstrated through graphic summaries of company behavior over extended time periods or across large groups of employees.

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Implications for Litigating Employment Cases in a #MeToo World

Key Finding: Discrimination and Harassment Were Personally Relevant.

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Notable Engagements

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Surveys, focus groups, mock trials and witness evaluations all reveal juror attitudes about the case and how to take advantage of them at trial. Jurors in employment cases see the case through the lens of their own experiences as employees and sometimes as employers. For example, DOAR research suggests that over half of Americans have experienced discrimination or harassment at work. Understanding how these and other experiences shape reactions to an employment case is vital to crafting the right strategy at trial.

Graphics Consulting & Design

Effective graphics vastly improve jurors’ ability to understand and retain complex information like salary history and other patterns.

Evidence Presentation

Presentation consultants help keep jurors focused on the evidence in ways that both teach and persuade. Highlighting key clauses in an employment contract, showing interactive charts (developed by graphics consultants) that demonstrate how compensation amounts – or damages – would change under changing conditions, and presenting hyperlinked timelines depicting key events and the relevant evidence about them help make the case clear, concise, and compelling.

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