Graphics Consulting & Design

We believe that graphics should be designed to educate and persuade.

We believe that graphics should be designed to educate and persuade—regardless of when or how they are used.

Our graphics creation process begins with concept development of visual ideas informed by case documents, transcripts, and the legal strategy. We then further develop and enhance visual presentations thematically from insight gathered during jury research and from expert witnesses. Our graphics are not just static slides; they are specifically designed to educate and persuade in the most effective and visually appealing manner.

When you need to communicate clearly and concisely during jury research, at trial, or in an expert report, DOAR graphics consultants are prepared to bring concepts to life.

“The work that the DOAR graphics team provided helped us secure a win for our clients. Their ability to problem-solve and deliver compelling demonstratives and graphics seamlessly makes them essential to any trial team.”

Joel Siegel

The Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump

DOAR was brought in as a trusted adviser to Barry Berke, Chief Impeachment Counsel & Co-Chair, Litigation, at Kramer Levin to help the  impeachment managers develop a visually compelling, video-intensive trial strategy.

Our Practice Areas

  • White Collar

    The concepts that jurors must learn, such as stock options or collateralized debt obligation (CDOs), are best taught with the use of educational – and persuasive – graphics. Check out our White-Collar Criminal Defense practice to learn how we support top attorneys on the nation’s most high-profile cases.

  • Employment

    Effective graphics vastly improve jurors’ ability to understand and retain complex information like salary history and other patterns. Check out our Employment Litigation practice to learn how we help counsel address issues unique to employment litigation.

  • Intellectual Property

    In teaching complex technology, a picture is worth a thousand words. An animated tutorial is worth a million. Check out our Intellectual Property practice to learn how we apply our expertise to the most complex cases.

  • Business Litigation

    Graphics are essential for summarizing the massive amounts of data underlying business litigation and for supporting expert testimony. Check out our Business Litigation practice to learn more about our experience advising counsel on high-stakes matters.

  • International Arbitration

    Cases in international arbitration require a high level of artistic and technical skill to communicate intricate details integral to the dispute.

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