Decades of experience
diverse practice areas
  • Antitrust Litigation

  • Labor and Employment
    DOAR has been involved in class actions, arbitrations and individual suits relating to discrimination, wrongful termination, theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, retaliation and partnership dissolutions.

    Our research into the issues facing parties involved in these disputes, provides us with the knowledge to help develop a winning legal strategy.

    Labor and Employment

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  • White Collar Criminal Defense
    DOAR has been involved in many of the most high profile cases against individuals and corporations charged with accounting fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, market manipulation, bid rigging, money laundering and violation of the FCPA.

    From Tyco to Enron to Martha Stewart to SAC Capital to Galleon, DOAR has been called upon time and time again by the top criminal defense lawyers in the country.

    White Collar Criminal Defense

  • General Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation
    The hallmark of DOAR's commercial practice is our in-depth understanding of business litigation and our ability to manage all aspects of the litigation process. This intimate knowledge allows us to provide expert consultation in order to support our clients and meet their needs and goals.

    With superior insight and unmatched practical trial experience, DOAR offers corporate and commercial clients the fullest range of litigation options available.

    Commercial Litigation

  • Environmental Litigation

  • Healthcare Litigation

  • M&A Litigation
    M&A cases can be extremely complex, involving hundreds of thousands of documents and highly technical information relating to particular industries, company finances, and contract language.

    Nothing substitutes for experience in such complicated and high-stakes matters – and no one has the experience DOAR brings to M&A litigation.

    DOAR consultants understand the fast pace of M&A matters, which can have a lifecycle as short as 6-10 weeks from filing to trial or hearing. We can help you manage information and craft a strategy for the effective presentation of your case.

    M&A Litigation

  • "The DOAR team’s insight, experience, and dedication made them an invaluable part of our trial team."Daniel Gitner
    Lankler Siffert & Wohl
  • Intellectual Property
    DOAR provides comprehensive and innovative support to help our clients assert or protect the full value of their intellectual property rights.

    From focus group research to mock Markman hearings, witness testing events and mock trials, DOAR will refine the themes which resonate most with jurors to develop your optimum trial strategy. DOAR effectively creates simple yet sophisticated graphics to reinforce research findings in the most persuasive manner possible.

    At trial, our use of advanced technology and the latest visual display software allows us to positively impact our clients' outcomes.

    Intellectual Property

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Class Action
    DOAR’s approach to class action litigation remains the same regardless of whether the matter is related to employment, securities, products liability, or toxic torts. We have found consistent success advising our clients to mount an aggressive attack and win at the class certification hearing.

    This begins by a) testing case themes before a panel of retired judges in a mock class certification hearing; b) using the video depositions of representative plaintiffs; and c) developing powerful graphics to illustrate the commonality or prove the dissimilarity of class members and their circumstances.

    Our recommendation is to prepare for the class certification hearing as you would for trial because being “trial ready” will send a powerful message to your adversary. Clearly, a win at this stage saves time and money.

    Class Action

  • Bankruptcy Litigation
    DOAR has provided trial strategy consulting in litigation stemming from the largest bankruptcies in recent history including those resulting from the financial crisis, mortgage industry collapse and historic financial frauds.

    We provide research into valuation, venue, jury trial demands, damages and experts. We have been involved in bankruptcy cases that have resulted in billions of dollars of recovery.

    Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Mass Torts and Product Liability

  • International Arbitration
    DOAR has the bandwidth and expertise to provide consulting, logistical, and technical support for your matter anywhere around the globe.

    Our experience includes consulting in Japan, Sweden and London, support of multiple arbitration matters before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Washington D.C., as well as arbitration panels in Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Paris, and Moscow.

    International Arbitration

  • Telecommunications

  • Securities Litigation
    Experience is key when responding to investigations brought by governing bodies such as the SEC, Department of Justice, and FINRA, or when litigating matters of fraud or financial misconduct.

    Securities litigation historically has been DOAR’s strength and we have an unmatched record of success assisting our clients achieve their goals either through settlement or verdict in some of the most complex securities matters in the country.

    DOAR’s experience includes assistance with arbitrator selection, designing multi-day mock bench and jury trials, mock FINRA arbitrations, graphics consulting, design, and presentation.

    Securities Litigation

  • "The DOAR team is spectacular. They get my highest recommendation."Matthew Menchel, Kobre & Kim
  • Data Privacy Litigation

  • Whistleblower / False Claims Act / qui tam
    DOAR has unparalleled experience developing and implementing winning strategies for our clients involved in FCA/qui tam and other whistleblower-related disputes.

    DOAR’s Qui Tam Task Force provides substantive consulting to corporations and their outside counsel when they are called to defend FCA/qui tam claims.

    We have discovered consistencies in juror reactions and case dynamics which have proven instrumental in helping our clients secure favorable jury verdicts or settlements time and time again.

    Whistleblower/False Claims Act/qui tam