Unmatched in
the Industry.

Unmatched in
the Industry.

The Nation’s Leading Trial Consultants

For decades, DOAR has been involved in many of the most high-profile cases against individuals and corporations charged with accounting fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, market manipulation, bid rigging, money laundering, and violations of the FCPA.

Hark back to matters like US v. Martha Stewart and more recent cases like US v. Thomas Barrack. Time and again DOAR has been the first call made by top criminal defense attorneys across the country seeking trial consulting expertise.

Applying Insight from Our Research to Every Case

DOAR has been involved in class actions, arbitrations, and individual suits relating to discrimination, wrongful termination, theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, retaliation, and partnership dissolutions.

Our research into the issues facing parties involved in these disputes provides us with the knowledge to help develop a winning legal strategy.

Transforming Complexity to Drive Results

From focus group research and mock Markman hearings to witness testing events and mock trials, DOAR will refine the themes which resonate most with jurors to develop your optimum trial strategy. DOAR effectively creates sophisticated yet straightforward graphics to reinforce research findings in the most persuasive manner possible.

At trial, our use of advanced technology allows us to impact our clients’ outcomes positively.

More Than 30 Years of Experience Working on Complex Litigation

Experience is key when responding to investigations brought by governing bodies such as the SEC, Department of Justice, and FINRA or litigating matters of fraud, financial misconduct, breach of contract, or antitrust.

DOAR has an unmatched record of success helping our clients achieve their goals either through settlement or verdict in some of the most complex business litigation in the country.

Supporting Arbitration Panels Worldwide for Decades

A growing trend in international arbitrations has led to record-setting caseloads over recent years. For decades, DOAR has supported arbitration hearings worldwide, whether in-person or virtually.

We understand and can cater to the uniqueness of international arbitrations. No matter the format, you can count on DOAR to be in lockstep with counsel and in control of the required technology.

International Arbitrations

The trial consultants trusted by the nation’s leading trial lawyers.