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Accusations of white collar crimes often start with the presumption of guilt. We help counsel provide jurors with a persuasive alternative narrative.

Accusations of white collar crimes often start with the presumption of guilt—we help counsel provide jurors with a persuasive alternative narrative. 

White collar cases often pit the Government’s simplistic “smell test” arguments against more complex and highly nuanced defense positions on the acceptability of the business practices at issue. Through jury research, defense counsel can refine their themes to highlight those that will be most persuasive. Empirically guided jury selection helps in the selection of the jury most likely to be receptive to those themes, and effective graphics and engaging presentation of evidence enhance persuasive communications to judge and jury alike.

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The White Collar Defense Juror & The “Trump Effect”

Key Finding: In comparing the “Pre-Trump Era” (2013-2016) to the “Trump Era” (2017-2020), we saw the acquittal rate of conservatives and liberals move in opposite directions.

Notable Engagements

Notable Engagements

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For most jurors, there is a line between acceptable business behavior and illegal activity. Focus groups and mock trials can help identify where different jurors will draw that line and what factors help them place the actions at issue on the right side of it. Witness testing facilitates decision-making about whether defendants should testify, and helps to maximize the impact of other key witnesses. Large-scale surveys can identify the jurors most – and least – willing to accord white collar defendants their fair day in court.

Graphics Consulting & Design

The concepts that jurors must learn, such as stock options or collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), are best taught with the use of educational – and persuasive – graphics.

Evidence Presentation

Keeping jurors engaged in trials often filled with dry and/or difficult financial details is the first step to persuading them. DOAR’s Presentation Consultants will help keep jurors’ attention focused on the most important points through highlights, callouts, interactive exhibits that let jurors see how monetary amounts change under different scenarios, and other visually appealing techniques.

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