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Communicating complex information to jurors, judges, arbitrators and other decision-makers is the foundation of DOAR and has been for over 25 years.

We challenge prominent law firms and corporations to think differently about how to approach their ultimate triers of fact. We help to develop strategies in high stakes litigation across the country and abroad. Our consulting teams are comprised of passionate, experienced, and dedicated individuals who have supported some of the most notable cases with the top trial lawyers in the country. We thrive in fast paced, high-profile, complex matters relating to regulatory, civil and criminal disputes and have done so for more than a quarter of a century.

We provide surveys, focus groups, mock trials, witness preparation, juror and arbitrator selection, graphics consulting and design, and trial presentation. By combining sound research methodologies with cutting edge technologies, DOAR sets the bar that others strive to reach.

Gender Divide Header
The Gender Divide in Reporting Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace and its Outcome

by Chad Lackey,  Ph.D., Director and Emma Shuck, Consultant

Employees still struggle with the decision to report...

Procedural Justice
Procedural Justice: Jurors’ Views of the Fairness of the Legal System

By Natalie Gordon, M.A., DOAR analyst

Imagine that your football team makes it to the Superbowl, but...

The People Behind The Cases
The People Behind The Cases

I recently had the privilege of attending the NYC Bar Association’s 8th Annual White-Collar Crime Institute.  Among the impressive...