A winning strategy involves more than a recitation of the facts; it requires learning which facts matter most to jurors and knowing the most effective way to present them.

A winning strategy involves more than a recitation of the facts. It requires learning which facts matter most to jurors and knowing the most effective way to present them.

For more than 30 years, DOAR has been the go-to resource for trial research by top attorneys across the nation. We know how to uncover critical insight that can lead jurors from one side to the other. 

We answer crucial questions like:

  • What are the points that jurors latch on to?
  • How do jurors try to persuade each other?
  • What evidence do jurors use?
  • What language do jurors rely on?

Our consultants are best at learning how prospective jurors organically respond to the big questions and finding the themes that shape and advance the story.

“We gain significant insights from DOAR research exercises, which help us evaluate the strengths and challenges of our case and make key strategic decisions. The DOAR consultants are skilled facilitators who ask probing questions to elicit feedback from mock jurors.”

Moez M. Kaba
Hueston Hennigan LLP

Our Research Capabilities

Focus Groups

Uncover the themes most likely to resonate with jurors and why.

Roundtable Exercises

Discuss issues in a modular format, allowing for a deep dive into potential problem areas.

Witness Evaluation

Provide feedback on the potential testimony of key witnesses and gauge the impact of the testimony on jurors’ reactions to the case.

Mock Trials

Test research findings in an evidence-and-verdict-driven exercise.

Online Surveys

Develop an empirically based profile to guide jury selection.

Shadow Juries

Elicit feedback from a group of jury-eligible individuals who are watching the trial whenever the real jury is present.

Witness Preparation

Our consultants help witnesses explain things clearly and navigate tight corners in ways that are genuine and consistent with the case themes. We provide guidance on demeanor, cadence, engagement, and the effective use of exhibits and demonstratives.

Jury Selection

By using the insight gained from pre-trial research, combined with a review of social media usage, our consultants help the trial team use peremptory challenges most effectively.

“In an extremely rushed jury selection, with the knowledge gleaned from the mock jury exercise, DOAR’s team delivered a perfect “must strike” list—based on analyses that could not be carried out from counsel table—before I could even begin comparing notes on the jurors. The force multiplier they bring to jury selection is an absurd advantage; I hope to never do another jury selection without them.”

Roger A. Burlingame
Dechert LLP

Our Practice Areas

  • White collar criminal defendants face unique challenges related to juror prejudices against the wealthy, general anti-corporate attitudes, and anger over broad economic issues. Jurors may also bring to bear misconceptions about the roles and responsibilities of corporate executives. Our case- and venue-specific research helps to identify the pre-existing attitudes that must be addressed, the strongest themes and evidence for both defense and prosecution, and the characteristics of most and least favorable jurors. Then, our consultants’ empirically based recommendations can illuminate the path to victory through effective jury selection and persuasive trial themes.
  • Employment cases are among the most personally resonant for jurors. They may identify strongly with one party or the other, and many evaluate the case in light of their personal experiences. Pre-trial research illuminates the assumptions and expectations jurors may have about how each party should have behaved and highlights the evidence and arguments most likely to be persuasive for the client.
  • Trying an IP case means presenting complex and often dry scientific material to jurors with widely varying educational levels and engaging them intellectually and emotionally. This process typically involves telling the “people” story behind your case – who did what to whom, and why. Pre-trial research reveals the most effective way to tell your story, as you learn what jurors think about the parties’ motivations and how the jurors may interpret each of the parties’ actions in the case. It also lets you hear people talk about the pertinent technology in lay terms. The terminology and analogies they use often spark new ways of explaining the technology at trial.
  • Business disputes often feel foreign to jurors, who typically struggle to understand the issues and to evaluate the propriety of the parties’ actions. Often, the party who best teaches the issues at hand emerges the victor. Pre-trial research is especially effective at revealing what you need to teach and how best to do so, and how to frame motivations and behaviors in the most persuasive ways.
  • International Arbitration
    International arbitrations depend on highly sophisticated evidence presentation. Our consultants are known in the industry as being the best—not only for their diligence but also for their savviness in managing the proceedings.

Other Consulting Services

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