Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Matters of intellectual property often involve complicated technology. We help counsel break down, teach, and communicate complex concepts essential to the case.

Matters of intellectual property often involve complicated technology—we help counsel breakdown, teach, and communicate complex concepts essential to the case.

In IP cases, the devil is often in the details as jurors and judges alike struggle to understand fine differences in complex and unfamiliar technologies. Effective teaching is key to winning, and pre-trial research combined with clear and interesting graphics are key to successful litigation. DOAR consultants provide the tools to nest teaching in a compelling people-focused story that rises above the technology and keeps fact-finders engaged, empathic, and educated about the case.

“The work that the DOAR team produced and executed was flawless. Their guidance and support on multiple iterations of the presentation were simply excellent.”

David S. Rosner
Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP

Notable Engagements

Notable Engagements

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When you are trying to rise above the technological details to craft a clear and compelling narrative of justice and injustice, mock trials and focus groups are invaluable. Research participants illuminate how jurors are likely to evaluate each party’s actions and inactions, and help identify the strongest themes and evidence. Further, hearing people grapple with the technology in lay terms can vastly improve the ability to teach it clearly at trial using graphics that were tested and refined through pre-trial research. Finally, DOAR consultants bring knowledge from both pre-trial research and our national study of jurors’ IP-related attitudes to help select the jury most receptive to clients’ positions

Graphics Consulting & Design

In teaching complex technology, a picture is worth a thousand words. An animated tutorial is worth a million.

Evidence Presentation

DOAR consultants are highly experienced in all of the venues in which IP cases are tried: district courts, ITC, and others. They know the rules of evidence for Markman hearings and for trials, adapt their presentations to conform to the needs of diverse factfinders, and can help the trial attorney to be the most effective communicator in the courtroom.

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