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A company’s business operations are often complex—we help counsel devise a strategy that will educate and persuade jurors.

A company’s business operations are often complex—we help counsel devise a strategy that will educate and persuade jurors.

Business litigation requires unique strategic decision-making by counsel. How do you teach fact-finders the specific business environments in which the events of the case played out, and which rendered your client’s actions appropriate? In a case where it is impossible to litigate everything, where do you focus your energies? How much do you feature the “people” aspect of the case and how much do you feature the “business?” Jury consultants can help you make these strategic decisions, graphics consultants can help you communicate the strategy of choice, and presentation consultants can make it all come alive at hearings and at trial.

“I’ve been working with DOAR for probably 20 years, and I go back to them time and time again. I know that the people that I’m going to work with there are going to invest themselves into my case. They take the time to understand the case, the documents, the deposition excerpts that I’m likely to use and why I’m using them, and be a complete part of the trial team.”

Marc Wolinsky
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Notable Engagements

Notable Engagements

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Pre-trial research is invaluable in making strategic decisions about the best path forward. In discussions and deliberations, you will hear research participants distill the aspects of the case most important to them. Focus groups can be conducted early and often to define and validate your trial strategy. Mock trials further test the strategy, integrating in key documentary evidence and witness testimony in a verdict-driven context. The understanding you gain of potential case outcomes then informs decisions about final trial strategy and/or settlement.

Graphics Consulting & Design

Graphics are essential for summarizing the massive amounts of data underlying business litigation, and for supporting expert testimony.

Evidence Presentation

Fact-finders in business litigation expect and rely on highly sophisticated evidence presentation, and DOAR’s Presentation Consultants exceed those expectations. In DE Chancery Court and in all other federal and state courts, Consultants organize your repository of evidence and present deposition videos, interactive timelines, summary charts and documentary evidence quickly and reliably.

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