Why DOAR Matters

DOAR’s Intellectual Property practice is a leading adviser to lawyers involved in legal disputes about patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights for emerging technologies.

We stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends affecting the legal community and have the necessary credentials and experience to provide unparalleled insight and support to lawyers that address the IP legal challenges they face. We employ an innovative expert team approach that enables lawyers to work with our consultants and testifying experts with in-depth knowledge about all facets of technology and benefit from skilled analysts who conduct the research, due diligence, and analysis that inform the expert opinion.

Specialty Areas

Better Insight

Our Consulting Services

DOAR advises on a wide breadth of transactional intellectual property areas including technology-based M&A, licensing, valuations, portfolio reviews, patent mining, and offensive/defensive acquisition strategy and review.

We actively monitor the key issues impacting IP litigation today and are thought leaders on emerging technologies with inside knowledge around communication standards and design (like 5G and wireless infrastructure), IoT, ADAS, video/audio streaming, and sensors.

Testifying Experts

Our consultants and testifying experts have decades of combined experience in industry, academia, and consulting. They collectively hold hundreds of U.S. patents, have been awarded more than $120M in research grants, and are the foremost authorities on intellectual property design, standards, systems, devices, materials, processes and more. Our testifying experts are fellows or senior members of the IEEE, SPIE, and other recognized professional engineering organizations and have extensive experience testifying before a wide range of commissions and venues, including the FTC, ITC, FCC, FERC, PTAB, and federal and district courts. They have been published thousands of times and have been featured speakers at industry conferences both domestically and internationally.

Research and Analysis Support

Our expert teams provide their expertise as well as support for the technical research, review, and guidance needed. We work closely with IP litigation teams to ensure that we provide actionable insight and strategic advice to help advance our clients’ litigation strategies.

Core service areas we provide:

Better Strategy

Our Expert Team Advantage

We have decades of experience working on cases using credentialed experts. Our unique team approach integrates three core factors to deliver expert guidance:

Who matters

It takes more than technical expertise to drive home a position persuasively. It takes comprehensive research and actionable insight. And, it takes proven communication and time management skills. At DOAR, our expert teams bring together the best testifying experts with experienced engineers and IP specialists that can cover more ground and do it effectively.

Where matters

We have worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of complex cases and have extensive expertise at trial in state and federal courts, the ITC, before the PTAB, and at arbitrations and mediations. DOAR understands that each setting requires an expert team with distinct qualities and qualifications appropriate for the specific venue.

How matters

Our team approach delivers better insight and support to litigation teams that enables them to develop a more powerful strategy. Lawyers work with our consultants and testifying experts who have in-depth domain knowledge and benefit from skilled analysts who conduct the research, due diligence, and analysis that inform the expert opinion.

Learn more about our intellectual property expert teams—Wireless Communications, Automotive Technology, Digital Streaming, and Semiconductor.

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Better Outcomes

Our Trial Consulting Expertise

Our trial consulting practice provides strategic advice on complex, high-stakes legal matters. We deliver unparalleled guidance to lawyers before and during trial and have been involved in many major IP litigation disputes in the past decade. Our teams have expertise conducting jury research and theory analysis and can transform complex issues into compelling visual graphics and presentations.

We work with litigation teams to help them best communicate their position on a case in a clear, concise, and effective manner so that they achieve the best possible outcome.