DOAR Managing Director Andy Cepregi Takes High-Tech Trials to the Next Level

Andy “Bunky” Cepregi is a well-known, respected trial presentation consultant through his 20+ years of work with many of the nation’s top trial lawyers. He has been the lead trial consultant in more than 100 trials, including bench and jury trials, arbitrations, and court-related hearings. He specializes in high-tech presentation strategies, courtroom technology, and the management and presentation of evidence.

Cepregi is particularly experienced in supporting trials in Delaware’s Chancery Courts and hearings at the International Trade Commission – two high-profile, fast-paced venues involving bet-the-company disputes.

For decades, he has led client engagements across the country, providing high-level strategic support across a wide range of cases, including white collar criminal defense cases, complex commercial disputes, intellectual property disputes, and securities litigation. What’s most satisfying to him in his work is the collaboration and camaraderie among the trial team that results from working in high-pressure situations toward a common goal.

Cepregi offered the following three tips regarding evidence presentation:

  1. When possible, simplify – The old adage “less is more” rings true in complex litigation with numerous details and competing narratives. Make sure the evidence being presented supports the argument clearly and doesn’t bog down the attorney’s oral presentation.
  2. Know the case – Being in the “hot seat” requires a high level of diligence in understanding all the case materials and anticipating an attorney’s next steps as the trial unfolds.
  3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse – Being able to think on your feet is an important skill but not one to rely on. It’s critical to practice; timing can mean everything. A stumble here or there can undermine the credibility of the oral argument. Practicing will give you the upper hand if you need to pivot suddenly.

Cepregi said, “DOAR only works with the best attorneys in the business. They call us repeatedly because we are passionate about work, and they trust us to do whatever it takes to help them succeed.”

Regarding his extensive work in DE Chancery, he adds, “Chancery court cases are typically on a condensed timeline, sometimes having only 4-6 weeks between complaint and trial,” he states. “Many of the cases I’ve worked on are multi-billion dollar matters involving events making the headlines in real-time.”

“Bunky’s expertise in advising attorneys on the most effective presentation approaches for document-based evidence, videotaped testimony, and graphic demonstratives, has earned him a reputation with clients as being one the best trial presentation consultants in the country,” said DOAR President Scott Allen. “Many of them will not go to trial without him.”

Cepregi credits much of his success to being at DOAR for most of his career and to the company’s reputation for excellence. He adds that DOAR’s fully integrated business model of applying what is learned during jury research in developing the most persuasive and impactful trial presentations has allowed him to become a key member of the trial teams he supports.

“There’s often a lot of turnover in our industry, but not at DOAR,” Cepregi said. “All of our directors and many of our consultants have been at DOAR for 15 years or more. As a result, we all know how to best integrate jury research, graphics consulting, and trial presentation in support of a matter, and we will leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to help our clients achieve the best outcomes on their cases.”

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