International Arbitration

International Arbitration

International arbitrations depend on highly sophisticated evidence presentation. Our consultants are known in the industry as being the best—not only for their diligence but also for their savviness in managing the proceedings.

For decades, DOAR has supported arbitration hearings worldwide, whether in-person or virtually, in venues around the world including Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Paris, Singapore, Mexico City, Moscow, Copenhagen, and the Hague. We also worked closely with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2020 to support the first remote hearings for both institutions.

“This was a team effort, and DOAR was an important part of that team effort.  The slides DOAR created made a big difference in our presentation.  In a couple of days nobody will remember what I said at the hearing.  But it will be hard to forget the timeline that made our point graphically one step at a time.  That outline will help us not only at this phase of the case, but it also planted the seed for the next phase.”

Luis A. Parada

Notable Engagements

Notable Engagements

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Virtual Hearings and Secure Evidence Hosting

Virtual hearings and hybrid hearings in which all parties or some parties —claimant, respondent, witness, court reporter, translator, and tribunal— are located across the world is now the norm in a post covid world. The ability to host a secure hearing and maintain confidential evidence is a priority. Our consultants have the expertise to securely host a complex hearing, organize and secure a repository of confidential evidence and present it at a moment’s notice.

Graphics Consulting & Design

Cases in international arbitration require a high level of artistic and technical skill to communicate intricate details integral to the dispute.

Evidence Presentation

Our evidence presentation consultants are masters at evidence presentations. Whether you need remote or on-site technical support, we have expertise in presenting deposition videos, interactive timelines, summary charts, and documentary evidence quickly and reliably.

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