Leslie O’Neill



Leslie O’Neill is a Consultant at DOAR. Leslie is a key contributor to clients throughout the litigation process with training in the social sciences, communications, and design. She conceptualizes and develops impactful demonstratives that simplify and personalize complex concepts and case themes. In addition, Leslie uses her background in psychology to facilitate focus group discussions, oversee mock trial deliberations, and assist with logistics, questionnaire and script development, and juror profile analyses.

During her time at DOAR, Leslie’s varied skillset has allowed her to provide invaluable insight to clients. She has collaborated with trial teams to develop case themes and visual strategies in support of white-collar, securities, antitrust, labor & employment, intellectual property, and international arbitration cases.

Prior to joining DOAR, Leslie worked as a research assistant at a university research lab. She focused on psychological interventions for girls in the juvenile justice system and developed curricula for teens and kids to identify and build healthy relationships. She has training in qualitative and quantitative research methods, data analysis, graphic design, and trial presentation software. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology (cum laude) from New York University.

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