DOAR’s Kristy Park Takes on the Mantle with a Dedication to Delivering Excellence

DOAR’s Kristy Park is a rising star in trial consulting and has worked on a wide range of complex cases with top trial teams across the nation. On every case, she utilizes her background in anthropology and blends it with the depth of knowledge she’s gained working on high-stake matters to help attorneys on cases drive success.

“There’s never a dull moment,” Park said about the fast-paced nature of trial consulting. “I might be working on a patent infringement case one day but then called to work on an all-hands-on-deck employment case the next.”

Park works on a wide range of cases, including complex commercial disputes, securities matters, intellectual property disputes, international arbitrations, and white-collar criminal defense litigation. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping clients achieve victory on cases, particularly emotionally challenging ones like bet-the-company matters, where the livelihood of one to thousands of people is at stake.

Park explains, “Trial and war rooms are often very high-pressure, high-stress environments because of what is on the line. At DOAR, my colleagues and I are passionate about our work. Helping trial teams achieve positive results for their clients makes what we do truly rewarding.”

When asked to provide her thoughts on developing effective communication strategies, Park offered the following:

  1. Simplify: even for a judge. Avoid the impulse to simply restate the briefs. Cut through the weeds and get your case and the experts to the point quicker. Your story will gain a tactical advantage.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of relatable analogies. Don’t just aim your argument at the most industry-specific person in the room. Doing so may exclude critical, prospective empathizers. The one who tips the jury in your client’s favor might be someone completely unexpected.
  3. Communicate digitally. High-quality demonstratives not only drastically shorten the learning curve but keep your audience focused on the points that matter. Modern society has moved away from posters and whiteboards. So, when a litigator uses them, jurors take a mental note.

At DOAR, Park has developed her creative thinking by working alongside industry veterans—both renowned trial attorneys and highly sought-after DOAR colleagues with decades of experience in trial consulting. With those experiences, her passion for learning and her focus and diligence have made her respected and trusted by her team and DOAR’s clients.

One area where Park has gained a reputation for skillfully supporting clients is in international arbitrations. In fact, she was an important player of the DOAR consulting team in Axiata Ltd. v. Nepal, a $422 million investor-state claim that recently resulted in a victory for DOAR’s client, the government of Nepal.

“It was thrilling being part of the team for this win,” she said about the Nepal case. “The Foley Hoag trial team’s intellectual command and all of our hard work and commitment to the integrity of the case really paid off.”

Park credits DOAR’s integrated approach to trial consulting for driving the company’s reputation in the legal industry as being the best.

“Top litigators trust our input because of the way we collaborate—we value different perspectives from our jury, graphics, and presentation consultants and work together to develop impactful strategies that are informed by jury research,” Park said. “Just as our clients are 100% invested in the case, we devote ourselves 100% to delivering carefully crafted, impactful work on every engagement. That is why our clients rely on us again and again.”

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