Chad Lackey, Ph.D.



Chad Lackey Ph.D. is a Director at DOAR. He has extensive experience designing and conducting focus group, survey, and mock trial research to test the persuasiveness of case themes and arguments. Additionally, he routinely partners with clients throughout all aspects of jury selection, including helping clients negotiate issues with the court and opposing counsel, identifying personal experiences and attitudes that bias deliberations and decision making, and drafting and grading supplemental juror questionnaires.

Dr. Lackey has a widespread consulting background. He has consulted on hundreds of civil and criminal matters nationally involving employment, complex commercial, insurance, patent, insider trading, child sexual abuse, securities fraud, murder, political corruption, terrorism, and the death penalty.

Dr. Lackey has a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder. He regularly lectures on jury selection and presentation strategy to civil, criminal, and regulatory attorneys.

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