Gene Klimov

Chief Technology Officer


Gene has spent the better part of his 28 years at DOAR developing advanced litigation services and systems to enhance the creation and presentation of demonstrative evidence. Under his tenure, DOAR has evolved into a nationally renowned provider of integrated litigation consulting, jury research and trial technology services. Over the last several years, Gene has focused on new advances in the field of Internet research and the impact of social media as it relates to jury selection. Utilizing cutting edge technology, sophisticated programming and best of breed relationships, Gene has pioneered the way to a new generation of real time data collection and analysis during voir dire and monitoring post selection. Having designed much of the technology used in the NAC (National Advocacy Center) and personally worked to develop solutions at the NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center), Gene’s focus on both technical and evidentiary related issues has allowed DOAR to become a leader in the industry.

Responsible for the design and development of much of the critical technology integrated into the federal courtrooms throughout the country, Gene has consulted countless attorneys and corporations on evidence preservation, computer forensic acquisitions, data retention and electronic data productions. Gene’s repertoire of engagements includes the defense of one of the nation’s largest mutual fund companies in response to regulatory and civil actions related to market timing and late trading allegations. The multiyear engagement covered a full assessment of the organization’s operational and technical systems, a complete preservation and litigation hold initiative, forensic data collection with proper Chain of Custody (CoC), electronic discovery across terabytes of data, backup tape restoration, transactional database analysis for specific trades, complete document management, active repository hosting for attorney review and ultimate production to the SEC and NYAG. Gene has also been involved with preservation and data collection efforts dealing with a multi-state Attorney General investigation into broker-dealer actions of insurance companies, preservation and data collection efforts dealing with indecency allegations on behalf of a large media conglomerate with ultimate production to the FCC, as well as several years of electronic discovery consulting and document management support for dozens of investment banks in defense of the Analyst investigations and IPO Allocations Class Actions.

Gene is a published author in publications such as the New York Law Journal, Law Technology News, and has contributed to other industry publications such as those offered by NITA (National Institute for Trial Advocacy). He is also a recognized speaker and accredited CLE instructor and often participates in discussion panels and forums on the current issues surrounding the preservation and collection of electronic data, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and how they impact the way the justice system functions in the current age of technology. As an expert in the field of information and communication technology, Gene has been invited to lecture on recent advances in clean searching of prospective jurors during voir dire and monitoring juror misconduct during and after trial.

Gene holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Computer Science.

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