Gene Klimov

Chief Technology Officer


As CTO, Gene Klimov sets the standard for the implementation and development of innovative technology systems and solutions for the firm. He oversees all creative aspects of information design and marketing and is a founding architect on advanced trial technology services.

Gene has decades of experience guiding lawyers on the effective use of technology to enhance their litigation strategies. He provides counsel on critical data management issues, including evidence preservation, data retention, and electronic data production. He also focuses on current technology issues surrounding cybersecurity and innovations in blockchain technology to help clients stay ahead of the curve.

During his tenure at DOAR, Gene has pioneered the process of real-time data collection and analysis during voir dire and monitoring post-selection. He also developed the technology systems used in the National Advocacy Center (NAC) and solutions used in the National White-Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

Gene has worked on some of the most high-stakes, high-profile cases in the country, offering his technology expertise to investment banks, mutual funds, major corporations, and government agencies.

Gene has been published in the New York Law Journal, Law Technology News, and other industry publications like the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA). He is a recognized speaker, an accredited CLE instructor, and has presented on topics surrounding the preservation and collection of electronic data and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and its impact on the justice system in the current age of technology.

Gene holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in computer science and mathematics from Hofstra University.

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