Scott Allen is President of DOAR and leads the national trial consulting practice.  He has more than 30 years of experience advising trial attorneys at some of the most respected law firms in the country on testing and developing case themes and the effective use of visuals in hundreds of jury and bench trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations.

Scott leads teams of multi-disciplinary consultants who perform focus group and mock trial research, advise jury selection, develop graphics, and present evidence. The teams design innovative research events to uncover the client’s most powerful story and probe the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent’s case to provide the most effective path to trial victory or settlement. Scott primarily focuses on developing strategies for white-collar criminal defense, securities, antitrust, employment, environmental, insurance, and I.P. litigation.

In 2022, Scott helped counsel gain acquittal in three high-profile white-collar criminal defense trials. In U.S. v. Zhao, chief executive Jie “Jack” Zhao was found not guilty of allegations of bribery and fraud related to Harvard fencing team admissions, reminiscent of the “Varsity Blues” cases. In U.S. v. Tom Barrack, Tom Barrack, the founder of Colony Capital, was charged in the EDNY with acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government and making false statements. He was found not guilty following a 6-week trial. In U.S. v. Jayson Penn, the closely watched chicken antitrust litigation, the defendants were acquitted on all charges in the 3rd trial after two mistrials. 

Other notable white-collar criminal acquittals include assisting defense counsel for Jean Boustani, a Privinvest executive charged with an alleged $2 billion securities fraud and kickback scheme involving Mozambique state-backed loans; Andre Flotron in the 2nd “spoofing” trial in U.S. history; and JP Morgan Analyst Ash Aggarwal, accused of insider trading in CDCA. 

Scott and his team routinely conduct multi-day research exercises for companies involved in class action civil litigation, including AT&T, BlackBerry, MBIA, T-Mobile, and Lockheed. Additionally, he and his team have worked on other significant matters, including Irving H. Picard, Trustee for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Securities LLC, U.S. v. Akhavan and Weigand, Darabont v. AMC Network Entertainment, U.S. Petit and Taylor, and U.S. v. James Gatto.

Prior to DOAR, Scott enjoyed a successful career producing television commercials and documentaries, allowing him the opportunity to travel and film around the world.

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