Raymond McLeod

Vice President


Raymond McLeod is Vice President of DOAR and manages the New York trial consulting practice. He has more than 20 years of experience advising top trial lawyers on prominent, high-stakes cases and is one of the most sought-after trial consultants in the country.

Ray has consulted trial teams in some of the largest, highest-profile trials, including multi-billion-dollar civil cases and several dozen white-collar criminal defense cases involving allegations of insider trading, market manipulation, political corruption, and securities fraud. Notably, Ray led the DOAR consulting team in developing a visually compelling, video-intensive trial strategy for the House Impeachment Managers and Chief Impeachment Counsel during the Impeachment Trials of Donald J. Trump.

Additionally, Ray helped defense counsel gain acquittals for their clients in three high-profile white-collar criminal defense trials—U.S. v Zhao, U.S. v. Tom Barrack, and U.S. v. Jean Boustani—three cases that gained notoriety for their against-all-odds trial wins.

Aside from white-collar criminal defense cases, Ray routinely supports other high-stakes matters involving employment disputes, breach of contract, trade secrets, and patent infringement. He also has significant experience supporting counsel in international arbitration hearings. In fact, he led DOAR’s consulting team in developing graphics strategies and using innovative technologies in Axiata Ltd. v. Nepal. This $422 million investor-state claim recently resulted in a victory for DOAR’s client, the government of Nepal.

Ray has built a reputation with prominent attorneys at respected law firms across the nation for effectively advising trial teams on the most complex cases and hearings. His experience dates back to U.S. v. Martha Stewart and extends to modern-day matters like U.S. v Flotron and U.S. v. Aggarwal.

Before joining DOAR in 2002, Ray was head of practice support at Proskauer Rose LLP. He has a Master of Science degree in computer science from Baruch College.

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