Roy Futterman, Ph.D.



Roy Futterman, Ph.D. is a Director at DOAR, advising clients on some of the country’s largest and most complex litigation for nearly two decades. Roy has extensive experience providing strategic analysis and trial recommendations for civil and criminal cases and selecting juries in federal and state courts.

As a clinical psychologist, Roy integrates psychological theory and technique into trial consulting. He leverages his clinical skills to prepare individual witnesses for trial and to explore and understand the behaviors of both mock and actual jurors. He has worked with attorneys to develop persuasive legal strategies for various civil and criminal cases involving securities fraud, intellectual property, class actions, employment, contracts, and more.

In 2022, Roy supported counsel on several high-stakes matters involving white collar criminal defense and securities fraud cases. For example, in Ambac v. Countrywide, plaintiff client Ambac secured a $1.84 million settlement in a mortgage-backed securities insurance case. In U.S. v. Jayson Penn, the closely watched chicken antitrust litigation, the defendants were acquitted on all charges in the 3rd trial after two mistrials. And in Gruber v. Reger, plaintiff client Gruber secured a $40 million jury verdict in a class action securities fraud matter. For these trial wins and several other notable cases, Roy conducted focus group and mock trial research and/or assisted with jury selection.

Roy has been published on topics related to strategic jury selection and psychologically based witness preparation techniques, among others. As an expert on juries, he has also been interviewed and quoted in media outlets such as CNNABCCBSNBCthe New York Timesthe Washington Post, Fortune, BloombergReutersNPR, and Law360. Roy is also a Jury Consultant Advisor on New York University School of Law’s Civil Jury Project.

Roy holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Derner Institute at Adelphi University and a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcasting and film from Boston University.

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